Sunday, October 23, 2011

New Edition

Tajuk ni tak ada kena mengenapun dengan apa yang apa yang nak dicakapkan, Saja buat gempak!!!
Cuma nak merakamkan perasaan bila harus bermula kembali dari asal. Ya...perasaan yang dirasakan bila lepas grad dulu dan dapat kerja baru....Itulah yang kita buat sekarang...bermula dari asal.... ' the new edition of me!!!' Bezanya dulu muda trang tang tang....sekarang tua trang tung tang...
Banyak juga kena belajar balik dan buat silap. Tapi seronok juga buat silap....sebab kalau tak buat silap kita tak belajar...dan bila buat silap kita akan ingat sampai bila-bila...tapi bodohla namanya kalau lepas buat silap lepas tu buat silap lagi....he..he..he..

Saturday, October 8, 2011


During my primary school time, I had this friend who simply say or bluttered that phrase when she's angry with someone. Being so naive I told her not to say it. " The word's too strong and it hurt too much,'' I told her. 'Whatever," she replied. It's a typical response that is also sickening I hear in many different situations. " Do you have to say that word?" I ask...( You're so sickening or Whatever???)

As I grow up, I noticed that most of the people around us are sickening. I don't know whether we have to be sorry for them or to ourselves. To be living around them, I guess we have to accept it as their weaknesses.

Recently, I always  use that phrase...:YOU ARE SO SICKENING! to my kids when they simply say something that are ridiculous or unpleasant. I know it is not a constructive words that I normally wouldn't say and it go against my conscience as a mother.

 I'm supposed to be in control in my action and mind, just like Datuk Fadillah Kamsah always  say, '' Tenangkan hati dan bersihkan minda..." ( Calm your mind and cleanse your heart....) or I myself will be one of the sickening one!
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