Saturday, October 8, 2011


During my primary school time, I had this friend who simply say or bluttered that phrase when she's angry with someone. Being so naive I told her not to say it. " The word's too strong and it hurt too much,'' I told her. 'Whatever," she replied. It's a typical response that is also sickening I hear in many different situations. " Do you have to say that word?" I ask...( You're so sickening or Whatever???)

As I grow up, I noticed that most of the people around us are sickening. I don't know whether we have to be sorry for them or to ourselves. To be living around them, I guess we have to accept it as their weaknesses.

Recently, I always  use that phrase...:YOU ARE SO SICKENING! to my kids when they simply say something that are ridiculous or unpleasant. I know it is not a constructive words that I normally wouldn't say and it go against my conscience as a mother.

 I'm supposed to be in control in my action and mind, just like Datuk Fadillah Kamsah always  say, '' Tenangkan hati dan bersihkan minda..." ( Calm your mind and cleanse your heart....) or I myself will be one of the sickening one!

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