Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Since I was small, I have been taught by my mother to respect people, the elders, our family, our teachers and especially other people's feelings and rights too. Don't simply say something that could hurt other people's feeling even if we are angry with them.
( Please watch your mouth a'ah...especially to the 'mulut laser'...ouch...)

I can still remember when my relatives came for a visit to our house, my mother will make sure that all her children are well behaved ( but that did not apply to my fourth brother...he..he..he..). No walking back and forth, no gugu gaga, no running in front of the elders, do not interrupt when the elders are in conversation, answering questions only when you are asked, you have to bend your back slightly when you're walking in front of the elders and we cannot join the elders when they're talking. If we disobeyed one of the rules, we will be punished once the relatives went home. The most unbearable things are my mother will be nagging and grumbling throughout the day....and if we are lucky the next day too....he...he...he...

When we are older, we come to value respect for people we consider are truly worthy for our respect. I think respect is very importance in everyday life. I come to believe that jobs and relationships become unbearable if we receive no respect in them. We may learn that our lives will be better under the term of mutual respect. We may also learn that our life depends as much as whether we respect ourselves. It is something we cannot take for granted when our self respect is threatened or thrown into the waste paper basket. Is it so difficult to respect someone's feeling?. Do you agree with the idea that all person should be treated with respect equally,   no matter who they are?

Familiar with 'persona non grata'?

In this modern world many people have disregard that respect should also be extended to things other than human being, the animals and our natural environment.


  1. respect perlu diajar sejak kecik...nilai2 murni yg ptt disemai dlm setiap individu...:)

  2. Cinta Zulaikha,
    Baby kita dah 14tahun da...

  3. Aishah,

    Malangnya,...nilai murni tu...dah semakin hilang dari jiwa anak-anak remaja Melayu kita...

  4. hmm skrng ni yg muda pula di respect, yang tua diabaikan.. astagfirullah~

  5. mbaknya bantuin promosi blog gue donk...
    ya mau ya (sedikit maksa) hehe gue newbie kk


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