Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Malaysia Day!

We are reminded of how fortunate we are to be living in Malaysia and how foreigners love Malaysia. How lucky we are to be Malaysian, to be able to live in this promising land. Thanks to the outstanding economic management by the government. Although few leaders are still living in denial and claiming that the Minister had mislead Malaysia. The tendency to create and raise sensitive and racial issues by certain politician and NGOs will jeopardize harmony and the nation image. They are the ungrateful citizens of Malaysia. Do they benefit from the turmoil that they really wanted? What a shame! What will they think of next?
Please Respect the Solidarity and Sovereignty of my Malaysia!

Malaysian should appreciate peace and the development we enjoyed. But when Malaysian have lost faith in Malaysia to find a greener path, united Malaysian or 'One Malaysia' seems ineffective and stale. Let us persue mutual understanding as a united citizen of Malaysia. We should recall the struggle of our forefathers for Independence to the prosperity and peace of modern Malaysia.

Let us pray and also work hard for Malaysia towards stronger and more peaceful tomorrow.

I love Malaysia!

p/s still hoping Malaysia remains as Malaya


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