Monday, February 7, 2011

Ahmed Haris Sheikh's Birthday

Haris is giving kniks- knacks to his friends for his birthday on 15th. of January 2011 (correct me if I'm wrong). Line up boys and girls say Happy Birthday and Thank You to Haris.
I can see from his FB Haris is being adored by his family and relatives. That's a good enviroment for a child's bringing up. I can see that he is very helpful and has a very polite attitude when talking. Sometimes he says sorry to me for no reason.

Look how sweet they are during their recess....Kamellyya is having 'mee goreng' , Gautham and Mikail have finished their food but Haris doesn't want to eat today, may be he is full after drinking his strawberry flavoured milk. Kishore is still enjoying his chocolate twiggies.
Please wash your hands after eating boys and girls.....

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