Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Children

My daughter Yana loves music very much since she was small although I have never switch on the radio in our house, frankly speaking we never have one. She took up a guitar lesson in her school. My father said she would be the next Yuna. I am quite worried because she's having her PMR this year.
Just imagine her going to school with the guitar clinging on her back.

I did not encourage or discourage her with her new interest....but I'm always reminding her about her exam. She has a very keen interest in photography too that she is now begging her father to fulfill...that's is buying her a DSLR camera. Kids nowadays.....

When I was young....I can't hardly looked up to my father's face to ask for anything.....



My second daughter with her happy go lucky attitude is really obsessed with the Korean pop group. She can sing their songs and even looked up in the internet to learn how to speak in Korean language.

When I was at her age ( yes....that was long..long time ago or 'the Retro Era') my friends and I adore ' The Hardy Boys ' but we are not really obsessed over them. I guess because ' apple is still a fruit' before it turns into a computer nowadays.


My son has a very keen interest in drawing. He loves drawing aeroplanes, ship, trains and submarines since he was small. I manage to keep them till now. He can sit for hours to finish his drawing. I always encourage him to draw something of his own ideas and he is still working on it. He too has to be reminded always about his homeworks and revisions.
He's a cat lover. He adores cat very much and brought home any cat that he saw especially the kittens. When he does that I will usually say, 'Oh no! more cat pleassssseeee....!!!!
Oh! is a picture of his drawings.

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  1. never grow old when they are around, but you will be tired of reminding them. If they appreciate it, if they are not...kuang..kuang..

    BTW, keep on encouraging them to excel in academic with a real degree in mind. They have to determine which is ambition or hobby. If it is a hobby, it can alway be pursued later in their life. However, if they can carry both well, keep it up. Nothing wrong.

    If you too strict with them, they will distance themselves. Sometimes, mothers has no choice


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