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"To be effective, teachers must connect with and care for children with warmth, respect and trust,"author of thesaid David Bergin, associate professor of educational psychology, and the author other article. "In addition, it is important for schools to make children feel secure and valued, which can liberate them to take on intellectual and social relations and ideas."

To help enhance student challenges and ideas the authors offer research-based tips for teachers and schools:


1. Increase warm, positive interactions with students

2. Be well prepared for class and hold high expectations

3. Be responsive to students' agendas by providing choices

4. Use reasoning rather than coercive discipline that damages relationships

5. Help students be kind, helpful and accepting of one another

6. Implement interventions for difficult relations with specific students


1. Provide a variety of extracurricular activities for students to join

2. Keep schools small

3. Keep students with the same teachers and/or peers across years

4. Decrease transitions in and out of the classroom

5. Facilitate transitions to new schools or teachers

-Science Daily Report ( June 2009 )


Children are happy by nature. The people they come in contact with daily change their attitude. Friends, teachers, relatives, and especially television influence a child's behavior. Parents are responsible for their children's welfare as well as their attitude. Children will be happy if their environment is happy. Parents are responsible for keeping their children happy. Don't get discouraged. It can be easier than you think. Your child's happiness really depends on your attitude.

What Parent Should Do

1. Your children need you to be the boss, especially teenagers. Although they may act like they know everything, you know that they do not. Tell your children when they do wrong and correct them. Punish them if necessary. Do not let them be in charge

2. Be a parent, not a friend. Sometimes parents act like a child to get their child to like them. If you act like a child, you will be viewed as a child. Your children will not respect you. Your children need you to be a parent worse than they need you to be a friend

3. Never be mean. Children need parents to explain their actions. Do not give the reason "because I said so". Have a reason for your decisions. A happy child is one who understands why they can't do certain things. Always listen to your children. If you give a child attention when they want it they will be happy. Never ignore your child

4. Love, discipline, and respect will make a child happier than any gift. If you live a child with these thing they will return the love and respect to you

5. Teach them moral and religion dicipline so they can grow up to be humble and kind hearted.

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