Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Birthday Celebration

The happiest day in a child's life. We are happy to see them happy. Seeing the smiles on the cute and naive faces. Blowing candles on the cake....( sometimes we have to lid the candles several times just for the sake of satisfying their enthutiasm of embracing the moment....ha...ha..ha..).

......before you really notice, they will be grown-ups and whatever collection of memories you have for your children is always a welcome and the purest things in your life.

This is from 2010 photo album. Birthday celebration of Asyraaf, Rafiqi, Fatma and Fatihah.

Happy Birthday to Afikah & Syarwa....Happy Birthday to you.....

Happy Birthday & Thank you Aisyah...- Rajeswari
Aisyah giving goody packs for all her kindergarten friends.

Afiqah's and Syarwa's Birthday. Smile's your birthday...!

Alleyya volunteerly took part in 'blowing the candles' event.

Qays's cutting his big blue Tom & Jerry Birthday cake. Mikail, Syarwa, Adlina, Alleyya, Vaisnavi get really excited.

And the most important thing of all........ as parents', grandmothers' or grandfathers', aunties and uncles don't forget to remind, tell and show our children that there are still many unfortunate children outside there who never had the chance to celebrate their birthday......
....A slice of cake means everything to them......

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  1. Ceronoknya zaman kekanak ribena. Kenyang perut senang hati.


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