Saturday, February 26, 2011

If you are not Happy

We can't be happy just by clapping our hands, flicking our fingers, stamping our feet or saying Hooray!
I believe sometimes we get really depressed, moody, unhappy because of broken-hearted, having financial problems, feeling bad coz our life is in a mess, we did not reach our goals or 1,001 of other problems.

Here are some of my suggestion ;

Don't just lay around and make yourself smelling bad.
Take a shower. Cry or shout or sing your favourite song. You'll feel relief. Clean yourself with aromatic shampoo or soap, scrub your body ( but not to hard), brush your teeth, shave....Groom yourself.... You will come out feeling fresh!

Pray to Allah. Our soul needs to eat too. Feed them. Moan or cry and tell your Creator your despair and unhappiness. Read the Quran with the Translation! InsyaAllah you will be given a sign.

Don't take on drugs or alcohol they won't solve your problems.

Talks to your parents, grandmother, grandfather, your brother or sister, your uncle or aunties, your friend, your banker, your teachers, your employer........explained...if you are shy just give them a hint.....don't keep problems to yourself...there will be someone with a shoulder to cry on.

Go to the Gym. Exercise yourself. Challenge your adrenaline. Make yourself healthy. If you're lucky who knows you will meet someone with 6 packs or someone the 'wa..wa..woom'...this is called killing two birds with one stone....he..he..he..

Read some motivational books by successful people, magazines ( they are lot of good advices in them). Start a new hobby like photography which can generate a good income too. that a hobby? I'll check it up.

Go to the park or playgrounds. Feed the fishes and ducks. Talk and play with the children and be the children yourself. Refresh your childhood memories...there's always a child in you...

Go to the beach or recreational park. Enjoy the view, sunken your feet into the sand, build the sand castle, smell the sea breeze, collect seashells, watch the sunset and tell yourself how lucky you are.....go swimming...but just don't drown yourself. Who knows you will meet a friend who can inspire you or makes you happy.

You are heart broken. Your girl friend or boy friend left you. Don' t cry yourself to death. If they came back it's up to you to give them a 2nd, 3rd,47th. chance or not a chance at all. If they don't, they can just go to hell! There will be someone worth waiting for you.

Don't join the Bohsia, Bohjan, gangsters or the Mat Rempit. They will only brings you to the Police Station, to the Hospital or to Hell.
Don't ruined your life because of one silly mistake you made today.

Make yourself busy. Tidy your room or house. Cook something, bake something. If you're not good at cooking at least you can fry some nuggets...ha...ha..ha..invite your friends to your house and watch ' The God must be crazy'. I 'll promise you will laugh.

If you have money....Pamper yourself. Go to the spa, get a massage, do pedicure or manicure, make over and change your image. Be Gorgeous!! Go shopping ( a kind of therapy but not advisable to the shopaholic).
If you are broke, just window shop but if you broke something you have to pay for it! So...avoid souvenier shop.

If you're still not happy go to the professionals may be they will have answers to your problems.

But the most important of all, think positive, be patience, feel good and take good care of yourself and always remember that some where out there, there is some one who is less fortunate then us.
.....Every clouds have a silver lining....


  1. Yes, I agreed with you..every clouds have a silver lining..

    I know deep inside you are heart broken. 3 years we were good neighbours..Hi Neighbour! But you have mend it anyway. Nobody can other than you.

    One day when my eldest son is settle, why not take a holiday only two of us. We may go crazy but sane in mind. May be we can go to Bangladesh to see the world poorest country.

    This coming 17-20 March 2011, there will be Hot Balloon Festival in Putrajaya. The tickets price is RM5 for children and RM10 for adult. Take your children there. Don't forget to make a date with me because I would like to feel young again

    p.s. I do have blog but..

  2. Yes, I have mend and sealed my broken heart.You always remain as my neighbour & good sister.
    It's good to be crazy sometimes...but Bangladesh have to wait for us..
    I will surely make a date with you coz' I love Hot Balloon. They are amazing!
    p/s excuse me I'm still young...

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