Tuesday, March 1, 2011

You Lazy Bum!

It has been a very long time since I heard that phrase. My friend called me that since I have not been updating my blog for quite some time. I feel challenged and motivated by that phrase. The last time I recalled when I was in my secondary school. My English Language teacher, Mrs. Armstrong uttered that phrase to me. Why? Because I will have all kind of excuses for not handing over my essay homework to her on time.........but I didn't use the excuse of ' my goat ate my homework'. I'll make sure I'm realistic on that.

Once a while in our life, we need some motivation to boost up our self esteem. But motivation without action will absolutely become useless too.

I have been a lazy bum for quite some time ever since I become a house wife. I don't have to rush every morning to go to work, wasting time on choosing which 'baju' to wear for work today, competing with the traffic jam or punch card. Live have not been so hassle and hectic to me. I will take my own sweet time to finish my chores in the house. I will take my time to watch Martha Stewart, Oprah, Racheal Ray, Chef Wan cooking series or Spongebob Squarepants. There is no challenge at all except cooking for my family because I have to rush to the shop at the very last minute for some groceries. ( that's the challenge for being a lazy bum).
There is no worries of meeting the due date for submitting reports or rushing with the time to meet clients. There is no worries of getting fired or being given a memo from the management. Why? Because I am the Chairwoman of the house! ( My husband - The CEO have to go to work). I am not a good example, am I?

What do you do to motivate yourself everyday?

My friend once said, " I can't wait to go to work everyday even on Saturday or Sunday because my boss is so handsome''! Oops.......sorry! that is not a motivation but passion!

My neighbour once ask me? How to motivate and boost our children academic achievement? That's a simple question. Check it out from the internet dear....he..he..he...

We need some extra push forward to challenge with life but don't forget to cherish every moment we have in daily life with our love ones.

Live your life with motivation and inspiration and dont't forget to eat your Quaker oats for a healthy life. ( will I get paid for this advertisement?)

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