Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My James Bond

My husband came back from work yesterday with a sour face. KL was raining and as a result- traffic jam! After having dinner, we passed our time chit-chatting..., this question suddenly pop-out from my mouth.

" What will you do if you're a billionaire?''
As a James Bond's follower my husband says he definately will buy for himself an Aston Martin as his car. (My James Bond can only afford to wear an Omega watch at the moment...he..he..) James Bond is Omega watch Ambassador. He will build a 20th storey condominium at Duta Hartamas with the penthouse as our home..........
He will buy a private jet to mobilise his journey overseas with his Bond girl ( that's me...!) Ooopps.........! he cancelled the private jet order and wanted to buy a yacht instead! He will take our family sailling all around the world. He will employ Dato' Azhar Mansor as his skipper and Dato' Chef Wan as the Chef...( sorry Dato Azhar...sorrry Chef Wan......).

I observed most of the Malays have dreams to be millionaires (including me). They are so mesmerized with the idea of being one...the faster they can be one, the better. They will grab any opportunities for a chance to be a millionaire. They are risk with unrecognised fraudulent websites or MLM programs, investment or suspicious business or pyramid scheme activities. We heard before of 'Labu Peram Scheme' and 'Pak Man Telo's scheme'. Some of them ended up with nothing, losing their families or dignity or loaning money from the 'Along'. That's bad!.
Is there a shortcut of being a millionaire? Dato Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhary worked very hard all the way before becoming a billionaire. Still he remains low profile and lead a very humble normal life.

The Malay teens today ( including my children) are also mesmerized with the idea or persona of becoming an artist or a star. They wanted to be famous and at the same time making lots of money. They will take part in any talent auditions by the tv programmes. Yes, some of them are really talented but most of them are only making fun of themselves. Dato' Siti Nurhaliza works very hard too and also being critized constantly on her performances and her life too. Be whatever you want to be or who ever you want to be but finish you study firstla....

I am apologizing to anyone who is offended with my statements above because I would't want anybody or somebody to held a demonstration or picketing in front of my house saying that I am a "Pengkhianat Bangsa".

I wish my husband will become a billionaire because he promised to name the yacht after my name. Isn't that great! .........he....he....he......


  1. Kena doa 44 hari tanpa henti nih Bolehkah?? Belum sampai 3 minggu berdoa,"time of months pulak sampe". Cam mana nyah???

    There is nothing wrong day dreaming but at the same time work it out and walk the talk or anything as long as your ambition is achieve.

    One day if U become Billionaire or wife of the billionaire, don't forget to bring me together onto HER when you round the world. I will make sure my polkadot bikini tiny wini is with me.(remember that song)..and imagine two of us sunbathing wearing only a set of bikini..Ha..ha.ha. The newly crowned billionaire Mr M terbeliak mata...

    Well, don't you think right and unique when he named Her as Layli on stark white at the back ground. Hey, she looked superb.. beb

    if only.....

  2. Psssssssssst visit this website on 3rd Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2011 starts today. I let you know when I am going.


    see you there

    p/s delete this one u read it

  3. He..he..I love that song..
    If I'm d $$$$aire I'll make sure I'll buy one 4 U.Don't drop my waterface...he..he..U name her MELATI tradisional gitu..

    nak delete ke..?Kita je yang baca Yong..


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