Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I want a pair of Boot

I love seeing women wearing boots. They look so stylish and elegant.
I wanted a pair of boot too for my Birthday.

But :

They say, I probably having fever

or I'm kicking the bucket ( how can die be associated with bucket)

We don't have winter in Malaysia

I may look like a gardener or Phua Chu Kang

My boot will be flooded with perspiration

I'm not an artist or celebrity

It's not worth it

so.....they rather buy a pair of crocs instead for my birthday - cheapskate


  1. What is your shoes size? Mine is size 5. Do you accept hand me down boot? I have a pair of boot still in good condition. I think the brand is Snowfly London.

  2. 5. Why not.Huiyoo....London mari...


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