Thursday, March 10, 2011

Our Endangered World!

It have been nearly a month since the Denggi Fever had it outbreak in my place. The Aedes mosquitoes had invaded our place. We just had our 'gotong-royong' last week to clear up all rubbish around our houses and especially the empty houses. Few cases have been reported and few of the neighbours have been warded to the hospital. What a pity! Due to this outbreak, we have to encounter daily routine of fogging every evening in the block.

Last Saturday, the people from Majlis Kesihatan Rawang came to my house to give some explanation and tips on how to control the dengue outbreak. I planted pandan plant in front of my house. They showed me that rain drops inside the centre of the pandan leaf can be a good breeding place for the mosquitoes. Don't tell me that I have to chop off my pandan plant. If that so.... I have to run to the shop for a few pandan leaves to cook nasi lemak or nasi ayam. As the precaution they give me some powder to be put inside my pandan plant to avoid the mosquitoes from breeding inside it. What a relief! So, when ever it rains it have been my routine to make sure my pandan plant doesn't kept water inside it.

Due to our busy routine everyday we sometimes are not aware of some simple things we should do everyday that is, making sure that there is no containers laying around which can keep water inside them. We have the responsibilities to take care of our family and our neighbours health too. Precaution before we fell sick is better than healing. My point of view may be too petty but the dengue fever has become a major international public health concern.

Technologies and development have made our life very comfortable in many ways but they make people growing away from nature.

Deforestation for the sake of urbanization and industrialization have serious effects on the surroundings. Deforestation effected the biodiversity, enviroment and social settings.
The development has increased pollution, endangered the ecologies, human, animal species, flora and fauna and resulted in the global warming. This then effected the ozone layer which protect the earth.
The world is also endangered because of human violent. Wars resulted destruction because of the invention of weapons, bombs and nuclear weapons .

The technologies had made human very dependant and lazy. Lack of exercises and all kind of fast food which have lots of chemical ingredients resulted in poor health condition.

In today's modern world we have lots of diseases and epidemic which cannot be cured and puzzled the scientists.
I am saying that this world is not a safe place to live on anymore.
Everything happens for a reason!

Can we blame God? No! It is all because of our doing!


  1. when I was your neighbour, i was hospital at Banting Hospital for 1 week due to dengue fever. Nasib baik ada good neighbour datang jenguk kat spital. was such an horror experience. Post dengue fever my body system was totally shattered...ish.3 idak le teman nak kena lagi. Rasa nak mati weh..nasih baik idup lagi sampe ari ni..Alhamdulillah.

  2. the grammar "I was hospitalised...

  3. Yes,...we neighbours buat rombongan Cik Kiah kat hospital ari tu....kesiannnn...itulah...pengalaman hidup! Jenuh minum air 100 plus kan?


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