Thursday, March 24, 2011

Papa Jahat!

During school holiday, I was teaching my 5 years old nephew how to read and write. For a start I asked him to spell out his name, Putera Zarique Khusyairie ( not his real name). I wrote down his name in the exercise book and asked him to write it out. He tried his very best to write several alphabets when suddenly he broke into tears. I was so surprised and asked him what happened. He said, " Papa jahat". So I asked him did his father scolded him or canned him for being a naughty boy. He answered, "No". So why did you said that, I asked him again. He said, " Papa jahat sebab letak nama Zariq panjang sangat". I laughed out loud! Ha..ha..ha..Pity! my nephew.

My father complaints to me too when my husband named our daughter's Siti Khadijah Zuliana.He said what is the purpose to give such a long name when we usually called someone by their nick name. My mother said that is the father's right to named their children with whatever names they wanted. So both my father and mother argued with their pros and cons. I agreed with my father and I agreed with my mother too.

It is the duty of the parents to give a good name to their children. Choose a name that is recommended by Islam or at least the names of which means good. We are forbidden to name our children with bad names that could affects the dignity and embarrassing the child.The first science is taught by Allah SWT. to Adam is the name. "..........And He taught Adam the names of all things." (Al-Baqarah : 31 ) This verse also proves that the name is very important and key requirements of human life.

Nowadays we seldom read or hear people naming their children with Malay tradisional names such as Kemboja, Melati, Melor, Tanjung ( flower names) or Saadiah, Sarimah, Kalsom (for girls) or Aduka, Teruna, Anjang or P.Ramlee (boys name). These traditional Malay names is endangered due to decline of prestige.

In this era of globalization the trend of naming the children are more modern and have foreign smells. Many people mocked traditional names for not being cool,trendy or funny. The name does not reflect the quality of a person so we should be proud of our national culture including the name.
My cousin just gave birth to a baby girl, her name is Nur Mellysa Adreanna Lim. I hope she will not cry when she is ask to spell her name. Sorry....mama Mellysa...


  1. haha yeah tht rite..nowadays the trend name very modern sgt2 smpai susah nk sebut ..heee

  2. My nickname is Melatie. What should i do??? Cry like nephew? HUWWWWWWWWWWWA.

    Me to have a long name.

    My youngest son has a long name too..AHMAD ASHRAFF AHLAMI BIN ROSLAN. What can I say, after long hiatus, 7 years to be exact, there came a baby boy which they have been waiting for, so everybody was excited and claimed have the right to give name to younger brother and confirmed youngest son. There you go, finally he was called Ahmad by me n family, Ashraff by his friends and peer.

  3. some still believe "apa ada pada nama". I hope they will get this right. There are some reasons (whether we realize it or not) beside all the names as you rightly pointed out in the verse. I concur with you opinion that our sweet traditional Malay's names almost extinct and no younger generation will remember or ever listen to such beautiful names again. What a pity.

  4. Salam singgah ukhwah.
    Kiranya cuba menepati Misi di Maya - silaturrahim ikhlas.

  5. say to easy
    Kadang2 kena tanya banyak kali....
    eem....sorry siapa nama tadi?
    Wonder why u were called Melati?
    I think we should propose a campaign on using our Malay Traditional names before they really extinct.
    Salam disambut.Terima kasih di atas kunjungan. Begitulah harapannya...InsyaAllah.


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