Friday, March 4, 2011

Who Are You?

Do you really know yourself? Inside and outside. I always wonder what would people think of me? Am I stupid?, am I funny?, am I pretty? ( he...he..he..) I think to be ourself, we have to let go of these concerns. But it really is annoying when someone misjudged saying you are not pretty (he..he..he...).

they say I'm not cute and funny...waaa....

We are all imperfect, we are still learning to be human beings and we will carry this process throughout our life.

When we encountered any bad experiences we should be grateful to Allah because if it had not been for those experiences we would not be where or who we are today.

I think the most important things is to be yourself. But we can't be ourself when we don't know, understand or accept ourself. Don't feel ashamed or insecure about yourself and whether you have to hide these part of you physically or emotionally.

There is a difference in being honest and being critical. Learn to watch the way you say things to yourself and others when you are being honest.(...or you'll end up getting chillies as your dessert)

We make our life difficult by being choosy or fussy whether in choosing foods, handbags, shoes, clothes, cars or anything. But when it comes to choosing partners in life, try to take time to youself, your life and choices. (..hey! how many partners do you have...?)

Sometime we have to learn how to laugh at ourself when something bad happen to us. Turn it into funny story that you can share with others. Don't take yourself too seriuosly.

I have a story to share too about my ex-colleague Angie, who is the boss's Secretary. She always complaints and mumbling about her work burden since my ex-boss boss have migrated to other country. He will come back to Malaysia once a while for a check up on his business. We are left in the office supervised or under surveillance by our boss's brother and the boss's sister in law ( both of them are always missing in their own action).

During lunch, as Angie was whinning and complaining about her workloads, she suddenly stop talking and eating and said, 'Who Are Youuu....! in a very unique and funny intonation, (meaning who are we the 'kuli' to complaint about all the work burdens). She knew who she is............despite of her being bad tempered, Angie is a generous and kind hearted person. I remembered she always buy and stuffed me (during my pregnancy) with all kind of foods till everyone especially the suppliers and sales person who passed by my desk will ask whether our office is having a party.

We have to always upgrade ourself to the next pace or level in our life.

Talking about level, I remembered my standard five English Language teacher, Mrs. Ponnampalam said to us (due to us speaking our broken English),'' Don't bring myself down to your level but bring yourself up to my level'', thank god she won't be checking my English writting in this blog. I don't know what level I am right now?.

When you are confident about yourself and who you are, you will savor and enjoy the pain and the pleasures of life.

Work on accepting mistakes and choices you've made because they're done and in the past!.

p/s Who Are You with (?) means what is your name/what makes you, you
Who Are You with (!) means who the hell you think you are!


  1. Assalamualaikum. thank you for dropping by and left your comment at my blog.

    It seems people knows others better than themselves, thus easy to make judgment. Unbeknown to them, others are just a reflection of ourselves too.

    Have a nice day!

  2. ...mirror..mirror..on the wall....


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